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Playlist 6-9pm 7/28/2010

Trivial Pursuits Hour 1

Gogol Bordello – Immigraniada – Trans Continental Hustle
Ideal Bread – The Breath – Transmit
Pausal – Midshipman – Lapses
The Fall – OFYC Showcase – Our Future Your Clutter
The Books- Beautiful People – The Way Out
John Cage/Friedrich Gauwerky, Mark Knoops – harmony XXIV – Etudes Boreales/Harmonies/10’40.3″
Horace Silver/Boston Brass – Filthy McNasty – Ya Gotta Try
Big Audio Dynamite – The Bottom Line – This is…
Bombay Dub Orchestra – Egypt By Air – 3 Cities
Corey Dargel/International Contemporary Ensemble, David T. Little – Sometimes a Migraine is Just a Migraine – Somebody Will Take Care of Me
Autechre -Ylm0 – Move of Ten
David Cross – Black Stuff – Bigger and Blackerer
People Like Us and Wobbly – Woman – Music for the Fire

Trivial Pursuits Hour TWO

Yo La Tengo/RJD2 Remix – Here to Fall – Here To Fall Remixes
Harold Budd & Clive Wright – Prelucid – Little Windows
the slits – I heard it through the grapevine – cut
William Brittelle – Eyes of the Ocean – Television Landscape
Dave Douglas – Tree and Shrub – A Single Sky
Duran Duran Duran – Furious George – Over Hard
Gyorgy Ligeti/Pierre-Laurent Aimard – Etudes for Piano Book 1: 4 – Words for Piano Vol. 3
Matmos and So Percussion – Water – Treasure State
Guignol and Mischief Brew – Sugar Park Tavern Death Song – Fight Dirty
The Flaming Lips – Speak To Me – Dark Side of the Moon
Boo Brookmeyer and the New Art Orchestra – Cameo – New Works
Pat Muchmore/ Anti-Social Music – Gumdrops and Kittens – Fracture

Endless Possibilities!

Variego, J – Deceptive Palindrome for Clarinet Quartet – Jorge Variego
Krenek, E – Five Prayers: III Through thy submitting all – RIAS Kammerchor, dir Hans-Christoph Rademann
Bach, CPE – Sonata in G minor: II – Danny Driver
Harrison, M – Revelation: Vision in the Desert – Michael Harrison
Noble Jr., C J – De Profundis: Clamavi – Lynn Klock, Clifton J. Noble Jr.
Hyman, D – Parable for a Parrot – Margaret Swinchoski, Donald Mokrynski, Ron Levy
Bastiks, V – Requiem: Prayer – Youth Choir “Balsis”
Bresnick, Martin – Every Thing Must Go: III – Prism Quartet
Boykan, M – Second Chances: Morning in a New Land – Pamel Dellal, Donald Berman
Collins, E J – Tango (in Form of a Rondo) – Gunnar Johansen
Rands, B – Walcott Songs: Endings – Janice Felty, Thomas Kraines
Peyton, M – Cell Piece – Rafael Popper-Keizer
Moore, U S – Afro-American Suite: 4 – Mallarme Chamber Players

Playlist 6-9pm 7/21/2010

Hour the 1st:

Beethoven, L – Moonlight Sonata, mvmt 1 – Steven Osborne
Brittelle, W – Television Landscape: Sheena Easton – William Brittelle
Cage, J – Etudes Boreales: III – Friedrich Gauwerky, Mark Knoop
Mozart, W A – Don Giovanni: Overture – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, cond Sir Colin Davis
Bresnick, M – Willie’s Way – Lisa Moore
Moulu, P – Mater Floreat – The Brabant Ensemble, cond Stephen Rice
Farkas, F – Early Hungarian Dances from the 17th Century: Lassu – the prairie winds
Bastiks, V – Latvian Folk Songs: The Soldier’s Bride – Latvian Concert Choir
Rands, B – Scherzi II – Richard Eliot Stone, Hirono Oka, Thomas Kraines, Linda Reichert, cond Jan Krzywicki
Partch, H – Ulysses at the Edge – Gate 5 Ensemble

Hour the Second:

Krenek, E – Two Choruses on Jacobean Poems – RIAS Kammerchor, dir Hans-Christoph Rademann
Palestine, C – Timbral Assault – Charlemagne Palestine
Schumann, R –  Dictherlibe: 1-3 – Werner Gura, Jan Schultsz
Muchmore, P – Broken Aphorisms 9 & 10 – Anti Social Music
Martin, H – Four Jazz Scenes: 1 & 4 – Hilary Demske
Sibelius, J – Rakastava – Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, dir. Paul Hillier
Kirabayashi, A – Elegy for Fortepiano and Harpsichord – Asako Kirabayashi, Gina DiBello
Marks, M – The Little Death Vol. 1 : OMG I’m Shot – Matt Marks and Mellissa Hughes
Raickovich, M – Winter Waltz – RTS Symphony Orhcestra, cond Bojan Sudjic

Hour the Third:

Young, C R – The Song of the Lark: Into Darkness – Jonathan Keeble, Ann Yeung
Nelhybel, V – Tower Music – Chicago Trombone Consort
Shulman, A – Suite for the Young Cellist: Latin Serenade – Wesley Baldwin, Kevin Class
Dargel, C – Thirteen Near-Death Experiences: Twelve Year Old Scotch – Corey Dargel, International Contemporary Ensemble, David T. Little
Beaser, R – Mountain Songs: Quicksilver – Bonita Boyd, Nicholas Goluses
Stock, D – 7th String Quartet: IV Jaunty – cuarteto latinoamericano
Fidemraizer, S – Viento Sur – Jorge Variego


Solitro, T – Hindsight – Masha Popova, 
Kelly Coyle, 
Natalie Helm, 
Lio Kuok-man

Ligeti, G – Piano Etudes Book 1: 1 – Pierre-Laurent Aimard
Kelley, A – Grist for the Mill: III Bran Shaker – Mallarme Chamber Players

Playlist 7/14/2010 8-9pm

Bresnick, Martin- Falling: At Midday – Abigail nims, Wei-yi Yang
Berlioz, H – Symphonie Fantastique: II Bal – Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Cage, J – Harmony XXIV – Friedrich Gauwerky, Mark Knoop
Moulu, P – Missa Alma redemptoris mater: Sanctus and Benedictus – Brabant Ensemble, Stephen Rice dir
Schumann, R – Dictherliebe:  Ich hab im Traum geweinet – Werner Gura, Jan Schultsz
Brittelle, W – Television Landscape: Vivid Culture – William Brittelle

Evans, N – Telephone Conversation – Lindsey Springer and Alissa Fleming

Grandjany, M – O bien aimee – Jonathan Keeble, Ann Yeung
Stock, D – Fifth String Quartet: Slow, Mournful – cuarteto latinoamericano
Dibb, J – Provence – Chicago Trombone Consort

Playlist 7/7/10 8-9pm

Wolfe- Dark Full Ride, pt. 1 – Talujon Percussion Quartet
Dargel, C – Removable Parts: Hooked For Life – Kathleen Supove, Corey Dargel
Harrison, M – Revelation: Tone Cloud III – Michael Harrison
Muchmore, P – (Portrait_7, NY06) – Jen Baker

Sugita-Becraft, S – Dist
So Percussion and Matmos – Treasure State: Water
Cage, J – Harmony XXIV – Friedrich Gauwerky, Mark Knoop
Adams, John Luther – The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies: wail – Steven Schick