• Another short break - Hi all- Podcasts will be continuing, but I need some time to polish off some projects and overhaul my music organizational system. I need to go back through old play lists and figure out what I have played and what … Continue reading
  • Ooops… I left the Show 173 audio at the station - I’ll post the archive for this weeks show after I get off the station computer in a few weeks. Sorry!
  • Podcast live on iTunes - The show is now live on iTunes. Older episodes offer only the first hour because I used to break the show down into multiple files.  I’ll also be on this week from 2-5p. Corey and I will be continuing our … Continue reading
  • New Site! - I’ve moved all things radio over to this new website in order to keep things tidy. The page will grow slowly, and it will be focused 100% of things related to Endless Possibilities. I’ve also moved the old show play lists … Continue reading