Monthly Archives: September 2012

Radio 9/29/2012 2-5pm

So, I went to a store that sells board games last night to play a card game with brand new cards that technically aren’t out for another week. I arrived at the store at midnight. I got to sleep at 5:30. And now… radio!

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Radio 9/15/2012 2-5pm

Three hours of radio kicking off at 2pm. Check it out live at or locally at 88.7 fm. I plan to play deadly Sinatra songs and an hour long Charlemagne Palestine piece backwards*. Check out the play list below the fold.

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Radio 9/1/2012 2-5pm PASCALI

Today is the first three hour but not weekly edition of Endless Possibilities! To celebrate, the show will be featuring an interview/performance with the prepared bass duo Pascali. The group is currently both on tour and celebrating the release of their first album Suspicious Activity. In addition to the interview and live performances, I’ll be playing some cuts from Pascal and Sean’s new record that you won’t be able to hear anywhere else. Balloons and clothespin and styrofoam cups! WEDGED INTO PARTS OF A DOUBLE BASS. You should listen today starting at 2pm. (I’ll also be playing some other music later on in the show, if that floats your boat. In that time I’ll be mixing in some music from some other projects that Sean and Pascal are involved with).

Some play list and the archive (post show) below the fold.

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