11/25/09 Pre turkey coma play list

So I arrived to discover I had 45 extra minutes of air time tonight!  I used it well by playing Terry Riley’s In C (the awesome CBS recording with Riley from the late 60s).  I enjoyed it. I played it because  if you mosey on up to Wiliam Paterson University Monday night (11/30) at 7:30 pm, you’ll be able to catch a performance of In C by the school’s New Music Ensemble, led by Peter Jarvis.  Information here: http://www.wpunj.edu/College_of_Arts_and_Communications/music/index1.php?p=newmusic

Bach, JS – Contrapunctus VII – American Brass Quintet
Adams, J – Alleged Dances: 1 – London Sinfonietta
Ravel- Pavane for a Deceased Infanta – Georgian Festival Orchestra , cond. Vato Kaho
Lang, D – Anvil Chorus – from the film (untitled)
Sur, D – Berceuse for Violin and Piano – Collage New Music
Tirmer. L – Karankawa -Sinfonia Iuventus, cond. Dariusz Wisniewski
Harbison, J – North and South, Book II – Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, chamber ens
Brandt, A – Creeley Songs: The Rhythm – Karol Bennett, Brian Connelly
Herbert, V – Mlle. Modiste: Love me, love my dog – Ohio Light Opera

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