playlist 2/3/10

This is the second week I’ve used iTunes to help me pick out music for the show and I love it.  I can visually scan through things in a way that was never possible when staring at a pile of plastic.  I think the music selections are improving at least…

Prokofiev, Sergei    No.13 Dance Of The Knights    Valery Gergiev: London Symphony Orchestra
Richter, Max – maria, the poet (1913) – Max Richter
Bartók, Béla   Concerto for orchestra 4. Intermezzo Adam Fischer: Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra
Bach, J S    Italian Concerto, BWV971: 3 Presto    William Appling
Joplin, Scott    The Ragtime Dance    William Appling
Lassus, Orlande De Exaltabo te Domine  Christ Church Cathedral Choir, cond Stephen Darlington
Dockstader, Tod    Apocalypse II    Tod Dockstader
Bond, Victoria    Bridges: 4 The Brooklyn Bridge, New York    Birds and Phoenix
Del Tredici, David    Brother: 3 This Solid Ground/The Best By Far    John Kelly, David Del Tredici
The American Dollar – Oil and Water – The American Dollar
Sheppard, John    The Lord’s Prayer    Stile Antico

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