Play List 1/19/2011 4-6pm

Dargel, Corey – 13 Near Death Experiences: Interlude – Corey Dargel, ICE, David T. Little
Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love – Write About Love
Raimi, Max – Challenging Etudes for Brilliant Clarintests: Same Tune, Less Busy – Chicago Clarinet Trio

Timothy Andres – Out of Shape – Shy and Mighty
Peelander-Z – Be My Friend Tonite – P-TV-Z
JayTram – haunted hotel beat – Prefuse 73/Jaytram/Epstein

So Percussion and Matmos – Treasure – Treasure State
Rosenzweig, Morris – person, place, etc.: The Halfs of It – Calrton Vickers, Glenn Webb
Einsturzende Neubauten – Dead Friends (Around the Corner) – Strategies Against Architecture IV

Debussy, Claude – La belle au bois dormant – Darren Chase, Mark Cogley
Dave Brubeck – Ode To A Cowboy – Legacy of a Legend
Reich, Steve – Double Sextet: III – eighth blackbird

Mozart, WA – Magic Flute: Overture – Met Orchestra/Levine (
Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, Leo Abrahams – Slow Ice, Old Moon – Small Craft on a Milk Sea
ThingNY – Around and Abound,  Chorale No. 4,  Around and Abound – Adddddddd
Sousa, J P – El Capitan: Beginning A- Ohio Light Opera

Nielsen, Carl – Symphony No. 4: II – London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Colin Davis
Weisman, Stefan – I would Prefer Not To – Newspeak
Duffy, John – Saxophone Concerto: Manhattan Juggernaut – Glenn Morrissette, Cassatt String Quartet, Tomoya Aomori

Felder, David – Rare Air: boxmunsdottir – Jean Kopperud, Stephen Gosling
Foetus – Concrete – Hide
Narveson, Jascha – Vectors – Dither

Kirkland Snider, Sarah – Penelope: Nausicaa – Shara Worden and Signal

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