Playlist 3/23/2011 4-6pm Max Gordon and I talk about the 3 Rs

Rock Roll and Romantic piano music.

The Paul Bailey Ensemble – Sweater Song – alt-classical
wolfgang, gernot – Low Agenda – Judith Farmer, Nico Abondolo

Glass, Philip – Glassworks: Opening – Signal, Michael Riesman, cond Brad Lubman
The Belmonts – Come On Little Angel
Venom – To Hell and Back

Foetus – Cosmetics – Hide
Bartok, Bela – Out of Doors: Mvmt 1/2 – Noel Lee
Ernie Maresca – Shout Shout Knock Yourself Out

Einsturzende Neubauten – Tagelang Weiss – Strategies Against Architecture IV
Black Sabbath – Under the Sun
Liszt, F- Hungarian Historical Portraits: No. 4 – Erno Szegedi

The Clash – Police and Thieves – Self Titled
Harrison, Lou – Variations on a Song of Palestine – Del Sol String Quartet
The Mountain Goats – for Charles Bronson – All Eternal Deck

Little Richard –  Rip it Up
The Decemberists – Why We Fight – The King is Dead
Iron Maiden – Transylvania
It Came From Outer Space – Intro  title?

Terry Teen – Curse of the Hearse
The Five Blobs – The Blob
The Astronauts – The Hearse

The Mummies – I’m Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight
Allemeier, John – Dark Dances: 3 – UNC Charlotte Percussion Ensemble

Cantina Song

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