Radio 12/31/11 10a-2p

Lots of year in review music for this year end morning/afternoon program. Each hour is archived individually, and make sure you scroll down to the show notes for some additional links!

Hour the First

Laura Cantrell – Kitty Wells Dresses – Kitty Wells Dresses

Carlo Boccadoro – Zingiber – Sentieri Selvaggi
Dave Douglas and So Percussion – One Shot – Bad Mango
Todd Reynolds – Icy Sleeves of Green V2.0 – Outerborough

The Clash – Garageland – The Clash
Mike Doughty – Holiday – Yes and Also Yes
Florent Ghys – Phase Parisienne – Baroque Tardif

LaRose, Andrea – Grunt Work for the Avant Garde – Anti-Social Music
Battles – Wall Street – Gloss Drop
East Bay Ray and the Killer Smiles – 16 Tons – ???

Hour the Second


Mackey, Steve – It Is Time: Marimba – So Percussion
The Moldy Peaches – Lucky Number Nine – The Moldy Peaches
Smetana, Bedrich – Piano Trio in G Minor: Finale – Weiss Kaplan Newman Trio

Troubleman – Intergalactic You, Intergalactic Me – Far Out Spaced Oddyssey
Fucked Up – Let Her Rest – David Comes to Life
Greenstein, Judd – Clearing, Dawn, Dance – yMusic

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble – Tanbura Trudge – III
Lang, David – Memory Pieces: Spartan Arcs – this was written by hand
Brian Eno and Rick Holland – Glitch – Drums Between the Bells

Hour the Third


Nat Evans – Lament – An MP3 He Sent Me
Y?Arcka – Know I (Do You?)/Epistakes – Blew Off the Burner Kinda Dusty
itsnotyouitsme – The Snake of Forever – Everybody’s Pain is Magnificent

Fall On Your Sword – Rhoda’s Theme – Another Earth
Corey Dargel – Date of Execution May 19, 2010 – Last Words from Texas
Matmos – String Quartet No. 2 Remix (A Bruit Secret Mix) – Quartets

Mischief Brew – Three Chord Circus – Stone Operation
Feldman, Morton – Piano and String Quartet (excerpt) – Vicki Ray, Eclipse Quartet
Boris – Pardon? – New Album

Tom Waits – Raised Right Men – Bad As Me
Bresnick, Martin – Farandula doble – Lisa Moore, So Percussion
M83 – Midnight City – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

Hour the Last


Jonny Greenwood – Reiko – Norwegian Wood
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice – Sometimes the City is Silent – Meerenai Shim
Meredith Monk – Cloud Code – Songs of Ascension

Mogwai – Letters to the Metro – Hardcore will Never Die, but You Will
Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso – The Ropes – Music from The Screens
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Stick Figures in Love – Mirror Traffic

They Might Be Giants – Can’t Keep Johnny Down – Join Us
Adrienne Anemone – Time – Buttons and Keys
Beirut – Santa Fe – The Riptide

Aperture Science Psychoacoustics – The Future Starts With You – Portal 2: Songs to Test By
Jim Perkins – Speed Bumps – Grains
The Paul Bailey Ensemble – Cheap Admiration – Alt-Classical

David Solid Gould vs Bill Laswell – Dub Questions – Dub of the Passover
Part of a Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze 45 played at 33 and backwards


Show Notes:

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