Radio 3/31/12 2-6pm CAGE!

Today is a super duper long radio show, and we’ll be focusing on Mister Cage, who would have turned 100 this year. In honorof the occasion, Justin Bulava is presenting a concert in New Brunswick on April 5 at 7pm. Facebook details here.

I’ll be starting at 2pm, exploring some of Cage’s longer works. Justin will be getting to the studio a little later on and will have his devil stick in hand to play some music and talk about the man, his music, and his ideas.

Playlist, links and a geeky picture related to cage below the fold.



Hour 1

Cage, John – Empty Words with Music for Piano – John Cage, Yvar Mikhashoff
John Cage and Lejaren Hiller – HPSCHD – Cage & Hiller: HPSCHD / Johnston: String Quartet No 2

Hour 2

Cage, John – Percussion Quartet: III Axial Asymmetry-slow – Percussion Ensemble Mainz
John Cage – Williams Mix – OHM
Cage, John – Four Walls: Scene IV – Margeret Leng Tan
Cage, John – a flower – Leonard Stein, William Winant
Cage, John – Six – Sonic Youth (SYR 4)
Cage, John – Sonata #11 for prepared piano – John Tilbury
Cage, John – Six Melodies, for violin and harp No. 1 – Gidon Kremer, Naoko Yoshino
Cage, John – etudes boreales for Cello and Piano, 4 – Friedrich Gauwerky, Mark Knoop

Hour 3

LIVE IN STUDIO: Cage, John – Concert for Piano and Orchestra – Tim Leonard, Justin Bulava
Cage, John – 36 Mesostics re and not re Marcel Duchamp – Theatre of Voices, cond Paul Hillier
Sun Ra and John Cage – Side 2 – Sun Ra and John Cage

Hour 4

Cage, John – Variation 4: excerpts from 12a-1a – John Cage and David Tudor
Paik, Nam June – Hommage a John Cage – Anthology of Nosie and Electronic Music vol 1
Cage, John – Nocturne for violin and piano  – Joshua Pierce, Dorothy Jonas
Cage, John – Third Construction – Donald Knaack Percussion Ensemble

Random notes:

Some photos from the afternoon can be found here.

There’s a hidden rhythm to the information we come across on the Internet. Last night I found a long piece on the only certified anechoic chamber in the nation. Cage wrote with wonder and delight more than once about his experience in an anechoic chamber. This article is more technical and business oriented than anything Cage said, but even the blandness of commerce can’t shake the beauty of the space itself.

Last September, I did an E-Mail interview with Allen Otte and Bonnie Whiting Smith on a Cage concert they were doing at the Stone. They both have some interesting thoughts on Cage you may want to check out.

When Doctor Who introduced the villains The Silence, I couldn’t help but to make a joke on Beta Test’s facebook page related to John Cage. It’s probably my best work in photoshop ever, which isn’t saying much:














Many thanks to Geoff Pape for mixing the live performance, Corey Goldberg and Mike Bode for giving me the additional airtime, and of course Justin and Tim for playing on the show.

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