Radio 4/21/2012 4-5pm

I’ll be one the air for a short hour spinning lots of new records. It’s the first time I’m going to be spinning without any guests in a month, so I may have to play two things at once if I’m going to air everything I want to fit into the show. Play list below the fold.


Afterwards, I will be heading over to catch part two of Omega Sound Fix II. Hopefully I’ll be caught up on work tonight and I can see more than a set or two.

Audio Archive : (begins with 10 min +/- of banter)

Ysaye, Eugene – Sonata No. 5: 1 – Tai Murray
Beeson, Jack – Dr. Heidegger’s Fountain of Youth: Grave – Carol Wilcox
Nancarrow, Conlon – Study for Player Piano No. 49 c – Conlon Nancarrow

Harberg, Amanda – Birding in the Palisades: The Kingfisher and the Fish – Margaret Swinchoski, Donald Mokrynski, Ron Levy
Rodrigo, Jooaquin  – Cantiga – Laurie Rubin, Marija Stroke
Baker, David – Jazz Suite: 52nd Street – Tami Lee Hughes, Ellen Bottorff

Maslanka, David – O Earth, O Stars – Illinois State University Wind Symphony
Schumann, Robert – Phantasiestucke: 1 – Rick Stout, Christina Dahl
Walker, George – Icarus in Orbit – Sinfonia da Camera, Ian Hobson

Mozart – Four Church Sonatas: 1 – Dennis Nygren
Andriessen, Louis – Toccata: Image de Moreau – Molly Morkoski
Shawn, Allen – Recollections: 2 – Daniel Epstein

Diemer, Emma Lou – Seven Pieces for Marilyn (A Little of This and That): A Little Imagination – Emma Lou Diemer
Tower, Joan  – No Longer Very Clear: Or like… an Engine – Heidi Louise WIlliams
Barber, Samuel – Canzone – Leonard Garrison, Jay Mauchley

Beethoven – Sextet for Two Horns and String Quartet: III – Richard King, Jesse McCormic, Amy Lee, Mari Sato, Lynne Ramsey, Paul Kushious



I absolutely adore the Mozart Church Sonatas. I’m not exactly a Mozart person, but all four of these sonatas on Dennis Nygren’s recent album  (who also arranged them for the ensemble we heard) is fantastic.

The last two piano works I played were fantastic! That would be the Joan Tower and Emma Lou Diemer. So much good music for piano out there… so little time.

I did my best to play as much music as possible today, so minus the weatherman banter, it’s pretty much an injection of relatively short movements. Music is, after all, the best.




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