Radio 9/29/2012 2-5pm

So, I went to a store that sells board games last night to play a card game with brand new cards that technically aren’t out for another week. I arrived at the store at midnight. I got to sleep at 5:30. And now… radio!

Apparently the show began with Ed and myself talking about infographics. Unfortunately, you can only hear me in the recording (Ed, being in another studio, wasn’t going through the board I was recording from). This makes it sound like I’m talking to an invisible friend about infographics, which I find hysterical.

Hour 1

Paul Motian – Trieste – Story of Maryam

Lansky, Paul – Shapeshifters: I – Quattro Mani, Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Eric Beach/ So Percussion – February – Amid the Noise Remixes
Prokofiev, Sergei – Sonata for Two Violins – Movses Pogossian, Varty Manouelian

Monobrow, Level 99, audio fidelity – Cybernetic Coelacanth Submarine (MMX2- Bubble Crab Stage) – Mega Man X: Maverick Rising (Overclocked Remix)
John Cale – Bluetooth Swings – EP: Extra Playful
Adams, John C – China Gates – Molly Mokorski

Giovanna  Pressi, Susanna Wallumrod, Marco Ambrosini – Hangout – If Grief Could Wait
Kurtag, Gyorgy – Signs, Games, and Messages: II  – Movses Pogossian
David Holland – Resolution – Life Cycle

Hour 2

Pantha du Prince- Behind the Stars – Black Noise
ORE- Ouroboros is Broken (live) – soundcloud
Lyle Lovett – Natural Forces – Live at the World Cafe Vol 31

Man Man – Feathers – Six Demon Bag
The  Fleetwoods – Come Softly To Me – Come Softly To Me (best of…)
His Name Is Alive – Movie – Stars on ESP
Awkward Terrible vs. Glowing Stars – George Jetson’s Inflatable Cop – Horchata

Pascal Niggenkemper – Pusteblume – Upcoming Hurricane
Disposable Heroes of Hiphopri –  Water Pistol Man – Hypocrisy is the Greatest Lux

Hour 3

Tower, Joan – Rising – Carol Wincenc, Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival
Ruders, Poul – Tundra – Odense Symphony Orchestra
Brahms, Johannes – Phantasien: II – Leonard Shure

Dick, R – Fish Are Jumping – Leonard Garrison
David Moss with Axel Otto and Frank Schulte – The Day We Forgot – Sound Art @ Het Appolohuis
Little Worlds – No. 61 – Book One

Xiu Xiu – The Oldness – Always
Conlon Nancarrow – Study 49c – Studies for Player Piano vol 5

Brenner – Salmon Song – Pisces Pieces

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