Radio 1/26/13 2-5p

Three hours of music for your infotainment. Only on WRSU-FM, 88.7 fm locally and worldwide. See the play list below and check back in for the archive after the show.

If you’re looking for something awesome to do NEXT Saturday, check out Beta Test’s next show, featuring a set of (almost) all music in Philadelphia.

Featured image features Ed!

Hour 1

Mussorgsky, Modest – Pictures at an Exhibition: Baba Yaga/The Great Gate of Kiev – Gregory Tchaidze

Nyman, Michael – Sangam: I – Michael Nyman Band
Nax Roach – Tears for Johannesburg – We Insist!

Bernstein, Leonard – Sonata (for clarinet): II – Michael Rowlett, Stacy Rodgers
Kode9 – Africastle – Dross Glop
Merritt, Justin – Sturm and Drang – University of Houston Percussion Ensemble

Hour 2

(no audio. Go buy the record, folks!)

Bryars, Gavin – The Sinking of the Titanic – Gavin Bryars Ensemble

Hour 3

Awkward Terrible vs. The Glowing Stars – Rem Saverem – Horchata
Paul Motian – Once Around the Park – Misterioso
Disposable Heroes of Hiphopri – Television, the Drug of the Nation =- Hipocrisy is the Greatest Lux

Brittelle, William – Future Shock: III – American Contemporary Music Ensemble
Troubleman – Intergalactic You, Intergalactic Me – Far Out Spaced Oddyssey
Pasatieri, Thomas – Three Poems of Oscar Wilde: III – Robert Peavler, Arlene Shrut

Hauschka and Hilary Hahn – Krakow – Silfra
Man Man – Skin Tension – Six Demon Bag
Nancarrow, Conlon – Four Player Piano Studies: 2a –┬áBang on a Can All-Stars

The Books – an animated Description of Mr. Maps – Lost and Safe



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