Radio 4/20/13 2-5p

Omega Sound Fix music’ll be played on air, I’ll remind you about Record Store Day, and uh… music. The archive will go up once I fix my audio player plugin problems with wordpress.  Until then you’ll just have to imagine it by reading the below play list:

Hour 1

Rzewski, Frederic – The People United Will Never Be Defeated (portion) – Ole Kiilerich

Hour 2

The Bad Plus – I Want to Feel Good pt 2 – Made Possible
The orb ft Lee Perry – H.O.O. – The Observer in the Star House
David Byrne and St. Vincent – Lightning – Love This Giant

Ysaye, Eugene – Sonata: Op 27/2: mvmt 3 – Tai Murray
Cage, John – Two Pieces for Piano: I -Alexei Lubimov
Animal Collective – Wide Eyed – Centipede H2

Hotrod – India – Inter-Planetary Remixes: WFMU Reinterprets the music of Sun Ra
Dan Deacon – True Thrush – True Thrush
Charles Bestor – Cycles – The Sound of Time

Hour 3

Omega Sound Fixings: Event:

Human Adult Band – A Hole – Live at the Loop Lounge
Little Fox – Dish Soap – Live at Greenwood Cemetery Chapel
Secret Photos – priveleged – Forever Children

PAS – Melancholy Drink Coaster – OSF 2010
Borne- Dishwasher Samurai (who smells of sunflowers)-  OSF 2010
Amar Chaudhary (Catsynth) – The Wooden Fish – OSF 2010

No OSFixings:

Fred Frith – Light erases the thought – $100 Guitar Project
Glass, Philip – Suite from “The Hours:” Mvmt 1 – Manitoba Chamber Orchestra



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