Radio 6/1/13 2-5p with Barry Seroff!

My job is pretty easy today. Barry Seroff brought in his new record “Democracy” and other stuff he likes, so we’re going to talk about that and listen to it. Play list below the fold, as well as archive at some point in the future.

Don’t forget to check out Barry’s website, facebook page, and the label’s splash page for the record. You’ll be able to find it all the digital retailers, more or less, on June 4.

Hour 1

Moondog – Chaconne in G Major – Viking of 6th Ave

Talk Break – Intro

Barry Seroff – Psalm 39/You’ve So Distracted Me – Democracy

Talk Break

Barry Seroff – It Is Not The Scriptures – Democracy
Candiria – Mathematics – Process of Self.Development
The Dillinger Escape Plan – When Good Dogs Do Bad Things – Irony Is A Dead Scene
Rancid – Ruby Soho – And Out Come The Wolves
Brian Wilson – Surf’s Up (Solo)
Brian Wilson – Wonderful

Hour 2

Talk Break

Barry Seroff – The Mystic Trumpeter- Democracy
Barry Seroff – Intro: 2nd Movement- Democracy
Barry Seroff – The Blood of Christ- Democracy

Talk Break

Barry Seroff – Earth’s Answer pt. 1- Democracy
Barry Seroff – What Will Joy Not Take- Democracy
Barry Seroff – 3rd Movement- I Heard the Learn’d – Democracy

Hour 3

Bob Dylan – Tombstone Blues -Highway 61 Revisited
Dock Boggs – Country Blues – Anthology of American Folk Music
Dave Van Ronk – Honey Hair – From Another Time & Place

Ed Rosenberg TMDFTM of Fugue in D Minor – Michael Bromwell, Ed RosenBerg, Aaron Irwin
William Brittelle – Terror-Dactyl – Mohair Time Warp
Muchmore, Pat – II al-Gharaniq:}{: Fracture IV – Anti-Social Music
Barry Seroff – your little voice – Sara Paar

Unassigned – Roundtable
Barry Seroff + ThingNY – Night Swim
Barry Seroff/ Bill Byrne – Prelude

Barry Seroff – 3/26/09

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