Show 164: 9/28/13 2-5p

Three hours of glorious musical madness for your listening pleasure. Every fall I’m overwhelmed with new music, and yet I have the audacity to go and buy old cds on top of new releases. I’ll dig myself out of this mess by February.

Gann, Kyle – War is Just a Racket – Sarah Cahill

Smith, Andrew – Kyrie: Cunctipotens Genitor Deus – New York Polyphony
Alva Noto – uni iso – univrs
Steve Martland Band – Dancework: Dance 4 (100 bpm) – Patrol

Boards of Canada – Jacquard Causeway – Tomorrow’s Harvest
Glue Gun Optimism – Jake on Horseback – The Warming
Cage, John – Dream – Alexei Lubimov

Hour 2

Ellen Allen – LISm Cut 1 – LISm
Glass, Philip – Suite from ‘The Hours:’ Movement 1 – Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
Moongazing Hare – Swastika Ponies March – The Sunderland Wreck

Williams, Amy – Richer Textures: VII – JACK Quartet
Dalot – Aptera –  …and darkness came
The Orb feat. Lee Scratch Perry – Ball of Fire (Instrumental) – Observing the Star House in Dub

Silvestrov, Valentin – Come, Let Us Worship – Kiev Chamber Choir
!!! – Even When The Water’s Cold – Thr!!!er
Hoffer, Bernard – Concerto di Camera: II – Boston Musica, cond by Richard Pittman

Hour 3

Lang, David – Unchained Melody – Doug Perkins
John Zorn – Poverty (Once Upon a Time in America) – The Big Gundown
Israel Martinez – Oblique Conjectures – Anibothis Vol 4

Ron Anderson – Untitled 2 – Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds
Jurica Jelic – Seaside Sketches – Distant Memories
Felder, David – Dionysiacs- Kathleen Chastain, Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman, Derek Clarke, Sabatino Scirri, Alice Teyssier, Anne Thompson

The Steve Lacy Sextet – Prospectus – Live at Sweet Basil

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