Show 166 11/9/13 2-5p

It’s been a while, and I missed every one of you. I also thought I was keeping up on new releases, and then discovered about a dozen records waiting for me to listen to, as well as a new bio on Bach by John Eliot Gardner. If you’d like the book, please hit me up on twitter. I won’t have time to read it until the next decade at the earliest, and I’d rather it go to a good home. The computer ate hours 1 and 2 of the show, which is a shame. Early in the show I made a subtle segue between Harry Partch’s hobo Journal “Bitter Music” and Ted Hearne’s “Wanderer” that I was pretty proud of. Oh well. Hour 3 archive and play list below:

Scwendinger, Laura- Waking Dream – Christina Jennings, University of Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, James Smith, cond

Harry Partch – Harrington Ranch, June 24, 1935 – Bitter Music
Ted Hearne – Wanderer – Your Bad Self: Live at the Stone
Lou-Lou Hernandez – Here’s My Card – Live on Sonarchy

Zesses Seglias – let the music go down -Vertixe Sonora Ensemble
Volness, Kristen – Precious Nothing: I – Hotel Elefant

Hour 2

William Berger – Dancing Shadows – Inter-Planetary Remixes
Martland, Steve – Patrol: Movement 1 & 1B – Smith Quartet

Lutoslawski, Witold – String Quartet: I – Royal String Quartet
Penderecki, Krzystof – Polymorphia – Aukso Orchestra

Glue Gun Optimism – Sheep and Oxen – The Warming
Janka Nabay – Feba – En Ya Say
Daniel Bachman – Rove Ryley Rove/ Wild Bill Jones/ Darling Cory – Oh Be Joyful

Hour 3

!!! – Get That Rhythm Right – Thr!!!er
Expo ’70 – Subtle Afterthoughts – Expo ’70/Plankton Wat
Danielpour, Richard  – A Child’s Reliquary: II – Jaime Laredo, Sharon Robinson, Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Lansky, Paul- The Shapeshifters: III – Quattro Mani, Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Stravinsky, Igor – La semaine grasse – Maurizio Pollini
Colin Walcott, Don Cherry * Nana Vasconcelos – Trayra Boia – Codona 3

The Orb feat. Lee Scratch Perry – Congo (Instrumental) – Observing the Star House In Dub

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