Show 168: 1/4/14 2-5p

A full* three hours of musical entertainment for you, WRSU’sclassical, contemporary, jazz, electronic and et cetera’s adoring fans.

*Yeah, I got in late, so Hour 1 is closer to 35 minutes. Sorry… there was traffic.

Hour 1

Branca, Glenn – Movement within – Bang On A Can All-Stars

Martland, Steve – Patrol: Mvmt 3c – Smith Quartet
Rich Hazelton – Love In Outer Space – Inter-Planetary Remixes: WFMU REinterprets the music of Sun Ra
Free Agents Brass Band – We Made It Through That Water – Treme: Music from the HBO Series

Hour 2

ZEBU! – Surfin’ Crown Heights – Chill Wave
Ted Hearne – Snowball – Your Bad Self: Live at the Stone
Dan Deacon – Lots – True Thrush
Julia Holter – Maxim’s II – Loud City Song

Kline, Phil – The Long Winter – Sarah Cahill
Mozart, WA – String Quartet In D Major, K. 575: Minuet/Trio – Stuyvesant Quartet
Takahiro Kido – Sweet Silence – …and darkness came

Amy X. Neuburg – Life Stepped In – Residue
Lee Perry/The Orb Remixed by OICHO – Golden Clouds – Observing the Star House In Dub
So Percussion – Titles – The Woodmans OST
Botti, Susan – Dido Refuses To Speak: Words 2 -Susan Botti, The Blakemore Trio

Hour 3

Lansky, Paul – Partita: Pavane – David Starobin
Kennan, Kent – Threnody – Dennis Nygren
Walther, David – The Other Way!: Walk In The Woods – The Capital Trio

m. geddes gengras – enduring doubt – resistor
Kine – Meditation 2 – Meditations in April Green
Gordon/Lang/Wolfe – What We Build – Shelter

Rjd2- Behold, Numbers – More Is Than Isn’t

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