Show 170: 2/01/14 2-4pm

Maybe its because I was up late last night, but today’s show feels like it was shot out of a cannon, but without the predictable trajectory that a cannon ball would take. I’m not sure how being tired leads me to face smashing musical selections, since on paper it is counter-intuitive, but intuition can get lost.

There’s a chance today’s archive may play kind of funny: it was accidentally recorded at 48khz so everything might get pitched down on your playback machine. If you have difficulties, let me know, and I’ll reconfigure the output.

Hour 1

Pete Seeger – What Did You Learn in School Today? –
Parliament Funkadelic – We Want the Funk – Mothership Connection

David First – A Bet on Transcendence Favors the House – Privacy Issues
Payne, Matthew Joseph – Echoloquacious – A/B Duo

Ted Hearne – Illuminating the Maze –  Your Bad Self: Live at the Stone
Amy X. Neuberg – My God – Residue
Okkervil River – Down Down the Deep River – The Silver Gymnasium

Hour 2

Son Lux – Alternate World – Lanterns
Young/Bally – Restless Hymn – Volume 1
PAS – Explanation Without Words – Pure Energy Output Sessions

The Mountain Goats – The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton – All Hail West Texas
Harry Partch – November 15 – Bitter Music
The Weakerthans – Leash – Fallow

Grey McMurray/ So Percussion – In Our Rooms – Where (We) Live
Adderall Canyonly – Arrows above, Arrows Behind – We Are Everywhere At Once
Nils Frahm – Over There, It’s Raining – Spaces
Oneohtrix Point Never – Problem Areas – R Plus Seven

Mogwai – Master Card – Rave Tapes

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