Radio 2/11/12 4-5pm

Today was mostly long tracks, which can make for an awkward radio show when you only have an hour. I really enjoyed the Prokofiev, and the entire Sonata is excellent. It’s also nice to play some music from my old trombone professor, Michael Powell of the American Brass Quintet. Play list after the jump:


Reich, Steve – Double Sextet: III – Eighth Blackbird
Glenn Branca – Symphony No. 10: First Movement (The Final Problem) – Symphony No. 8 and 10

Codona 3 – Hey Da Ba Doom – Codona 3
Elodie Lauten – Concerto for Piano and Orchestral Memory: Tempo di Habanera – Piano Works
Balke, Jon – Tuchia – Siwan

Plog, Anthony – Concerto 2010: IV – American Brass Quintet, Texas christian University Wind Symphony
Prokofiev, Sergei – Sonata for Two Violins: IV – Movses Pogossian, Varty Manouelian
Rouse, Steve – The Flying Boy: III Aerial Acrobatics – University of Louisville Faculty Brass Quintet

Martinez, Jose “Pepe” – Cruzar La Cara De La Luna: Siempre Estoy Equi – Houston Grand Opera


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