Radio 2/18/12 4-5pm

I have a sack full of CDs ready for your listening pleasure. Archive, play list, show notes and more after the jump.


Bell, Larry – Cello Suite with Harpsichord: Aria – Sam Ou, Paul Cienniwa

David Lynch – Good Day Today – Crazy Clown Time
Silent Drape Runners – New Vibes – New Vibes EP
Shlohmo – I can’t See You, I’m Dead – Bad Vibes

David Holland – Life Cycle: Resolution – Life Cycle
Lansky, Paul – Travel Diary: Lost in Philly – Meehan/Perkins Duo
Karaindrou, Eleni – Dust of Time: Waltz By The River – Sergiu Nastasa, Maria Bildea, Dino Hadjiiordanou

Steve Lacy/Roswell Rudd – Light Blue – Early and Late
Matt Marks – He Touched Me – The Little Death Vol. 1
O’Regan, Tarik – The Spring – Acallam na Senorach: an Irish Colloquy

Leon, Tania – Inura: The Lust – Son Sonora, Dance Brazil


  • Nearly every CD sold is now distributed by a single company. This sounds a whole lot like the distribution model for comic books, which once tried to censor a comic it felt was too graphic. I also wonder what would happen if this company mismanaged its business and folded. I know that sounds like extreme speculation, but if another record store closes down, it could wreak havoc on the distributor’s bottom line, like Borders bankruptcy¬†and Diamond.
  • Information on the Silent Drape Runners upcoming Twin Peaks Rei-magining that’s TONIGHT.
  • Beta Test concert information here.

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