Show 173 3/22/2014 2-4pm

I ended up playing a lot of long tracks today, which is just as well. I didn’t have much to say. I’m still in disbelief that the radio station doesn’t have a copy of Sandinista in the library, forcing me to play from it off of youtube. This file is also at 48khz so you may experience everything pitched a little low. If that’s the case let me know and I’ll re-export it at 44.1khz

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Show 174 4/12/14 2-4pm

I’m not sure if the super short songs sets at hour two worked for you, but they worked for me. The opening track is a bit of a false start compared to the mood of the rest of the show, so don’t let that deter you (besides, Deep Moon Time is a decent track. Show 173 will be up in a week or so, just to spread out the updates for folks on a strict media diet.

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Ooops… I left the Show 173 audio at the station

I’ll post the archive for this weeks show after I get off the station computer in a few weeks. Sorry!

Show 172 3/15/14 2-4pm

It’s warm, kind of, and I have music for you. I think its a really good mix of stuff this week. That’s always surprising to me when it happens as I don’t really plan any of it until its started. I hope you dig it, too.

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Show 171: 2/22/14 2-4p

Hey everyone. I’m sorry/not sorry about the bed music (Jimi Hendrix reversed, slowed down, and sent through a reverb unit). If you can stomach that, there’s some really great music in between all the talk breaks.┬áTake a look below:

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Show 170: 2/01/14 2-4pm

Maybe its because I was up late last night, but today’s show feels like it was shot out of a cannon, but without the predictable trajectory that a cannon ball would take. I’m not sure how being tired leads me to face smashing musical selections, since on paper it is counter-intuitive, but intuition can get lost.

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Show 169: 1/11/14 4-6p

We started and finished late today, sandwiched between women’s basketball games. Expect some weather matching musical selections on this grey grey January afternoon. Somewhere in the middle of the Julia Holter is an EAS Warning about a flood watch in Central Jersey. These things are sort of out of my control, and as it scared the daylights out of me, I’m leaving it in for posterity. You’ve been warned.

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Show 168: 1/4/14 2-5p

A full* three hours of musical entertainment for you, WRSU’sclassical, contemporary, jazz, electronic and et cetera’s adoring fans.

*Yeah, I got in late, so Hour 1 is closer to 35 minutes. Sorry… there was traffic.

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Show 167: 12/21/13 4-5p

Hey there, strangers. It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been on the air, and a few technical glitches in the program made that a little obvious. Today is an abbreviated show because of Women’s Basketball, but that’s all right. I’ve been stockpiling some things to play, so it probably feels like a very fresh set list. Check it out below:

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Show 166 11/9/13 2-5p

It’s been a while, and I missed every one of you. I also thought I was keeping up on new releases, and then discovered about a dozen records waiting for me to listen to, as well as a new bio on Bach by John Eliot Gardner. If you’d like the book, please hit me up on twitter. I won’t have time to read it until the next decade at the earliest, and I’d rather it go to a good home. The computer ate hours 1 and 2 of the show, which is a shame. Early in the show I made a subtle segue between Harry Partch’s hobo Journal “Bitter Music” and Ted Hearne’s “Wanderer” that I was pretty proud of. Oh well. Hour 3 archive and play list below:

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