Episode 182: with Jeffrey Young!

Jeffrey Young – Jeffrey Young’s Magical Kingdom of Dust (tentative title) – Live in Studio
Interview with Jeffrey Young
Small Professor – Fantastical – Hancock
Glenn Kotche – Anomaly: Movement 3 – Adventureland
The Use – And God Created Great Cephalopods – What’s The Use?
Pantha du Prince – Es Schneit – Black Noise
Squarepusher + X Z Machines – Dissolver – Music for Robots
Todd Reynolds – Ice Sleeves of Green V2.0 – Outerborough

I didn’t air this podcast first, but Jeff visited Austin in November and got me back on the wagon by suggesting he come over and do an interview and performance. So thanks, Jeff! Again, a bit of a different format from the last two shows. We’ll be back in a few weeks for another one!

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