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Radio 3/31/12 2-6pm CAGE!

Today is a super duper long radio show, and we’ll be focusing on Mister Cage, who would have turned 100 this year. In honorof the occasion, Justin Bulava is presenting a concert in New Brunswick on April 5 at 7pm. Facebook details here.

I’ll be starting at 2pm, exploring some of Cage’s longer works. Justin will be getting to the studio a little later on and will have his devil stick in hand to play some music and talk about the man, his music, and his ideas.

Playlist, links and a geeky picture related to cage below the fold.


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Radio 3/24/12 4-5pm

Today’s show is all about Rob Phillips, who will be performing at the next installment of Seven Immediacies presented by ThingNY on March 27th. Find more information about the show and Rob’s music below the fold and the archive right here:


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Radio 3/10/12 4-5pm

Conversations, Music, Nerds!


Playlist below the fold:

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