Monthly Archives: January 2015

Episode 183

The Sonic Youth – Silver Rocket – Daydream Nation
Barbara White – Repeat After Me – Sqwonk + Rootstock Percussion
Shostakovich – String Quartet No 7: Allegro – Ehnes Quartet
Flutronix – PrayRECORD – Flutronix
Stravinsky – Rite of Spring: Movement 1 – Columbia Symphony Orchestra
William Brittelle – Future Shock III – American Contemporary Music Ensemble
JJ Johnson – Walkin’ – The Complete Columbia Small Group Sessions
The Minutemen – It’s Expected I’m Gone – Double Nickels on the Dime
Ideal Bread – Wish – Beating The Teens: Songs of Steve Lacy
LCD Soundsystem – Time to Get Away – Sound of Silver
The Aetherial Underpants Orchestra – The Imaginary Machine – The Nothing Factory

I didn’t realize it until I typed out the playlist just now, but this is a lot of what I’ve been listening to to get into working for Meerenai’s piece. A few of those tracks found their way into other play lists, too. Really, these podcasts are just what’s been getting in my own ear that I think is worth sharing. See you in a few weeks.

Another short break

Hi all-

Podcasts will be continuing, but I need some time to polish off some projects and overhaul my music organizational system. I need to go back through old play lists and figure out what I have played and what I haven’t gotten a chance to play. It might take a while…. I’ve got a few hundred playlists to comb through and a painfully large amount of music in iTunes to sort.

As always, if you want to send music my way or do something interview-like on the show sometime this fall or beyond, hit me up.

Update: OOPS. I have one more podcast in the can that’ll be coming out on Wednesday. So, uh, the hiatus I guess won’t really begin until Thursday.

Episode 182: with Jeffrey Young!

Jeffrey Young – Jeffrey Young’s Magical Kingdom of Dust (tentative title) – Live in Studio
Interview with Jeffrey Young
Small Professor – Fantastical – Hancock
Glenn Kotche – Anomaly: Movement 3 – Adventureland
The Use – And God Created Great Cephalopods – What’s The Use?
Pantha du Prince – Es Schneit – Black Noise
Squarepusher + X Z Machines – Dissolver – Music for Robots
Todd Reynolds – Ice Sleeves of Green V2.0 – Outerborough

I didn’t air this podcast first, but Jeff visited Austin in November and got me back on the wagon by suggesting he come over and do an interview and performance. So thanks, Jeff! Again, a bit of a different format from the last two shows. We’ll be back in a few weeks for another one!