Monthly Archives: November 2009

11/25/09 Pre turkey coma play list

So I arrived to discover I had 45 extra minutes of air time tonight!  I used it well by playing Terry Riley’s In C (the awesome CBS recording with Riley from the late 60s).  I enjoyed it. I played it because  if you mosey on up to Wiliam Paterson University Monday night (11/30) at 7:30 pm, you’ll be able to catch a performance of In C by the school’s New Music Ensemble, led by Peter Jarvis.  Information here:

Bach, JS – Contrapunctus VII – American Brass Quintet
Adams, J – Alleged Dances: 1 – London Sinfonietta
Ravel- Pavane for a Deceased Infanta – Georgian Festival Orchestra , cond. Vato Kaho
Lang, D – Anvil Chorus – from the film (untitled)
Sur, D – Berceuse for Violin and Piano – Collage New Music
Tirmer. L – Karankawa -Sinfonia Iuventus, cond. Dariusz Wisniewski
Harbison, J – North and South, Book II – Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, chamber ens
Brandt, A – Creeley Songs: The Rhythm – Karol Bennett, Brian Connelly
Herbert, V – Mlle. Modiste: Love me, love my dog – Ohio Light Opera

11/19/09 show lost to history

Hey- so I’m in a closet this week so I’m a little far from a computer to update my playlist… on it would be:

Beethoven’s SQ in A minor (middle movement) by the Emerson Quartet
Carson Cookman’s The Revelations of Divine Love
Andres Cardenes playing the Barber Concerto for Violin
Nancy van de Vate’s Nemo Act II

Playlist 11/11/09 8-9pm

Prosa – Gaude virgo gratiosa – Anonymous 4
Kinosian, M – The American Story: Cry in the Wilderness – The Upton Trio
Rouse, M – Gravity Radio: Wait for Me – Mikel Rouse
Copland, A – Violin Sonata: I Andante Semplice – Andres Cardens, Sinfonia Varsovia
Deatharage, I -Emozioni Classiche – Isaac Deatharage
Sur, D – A Neo-Platonic Epistrophe While Crossing Times Square – Collage new Music, cond. David Hoose
Adams, J – Gnarly Buttons: Put Yourn Loving Arms around Me – Michael Collins, London Sinfonietta
Harbison, J – Book or Hours and Seasons – Emily Lodine, Chicago Chamber Musicians

Play List 11/4/09 8-9pm

Brandt, A – The Birth of Something: Prologue – Karol Bennett, Michael Chioldi, Mala String Quartet, Blake Wilkins, cond. Jonathan Shames
Horwood, M – Percussionique No. 4 – Toronto Percussion Ensemble
Turner, K – Concerto fo Low Horn: mvmt 4 – Charles Putnam, Sinfonia Iuventus, cond. Dariusz Wisniewski
Anonymous – Alleluia: Quinque prudentes virgines – Anonymous 4
Mason, B – Higland Balls and Village Halls – Alarm Will Sound
Schoenberg, A – A Survivor from Warsaw – Daniel Olbrychski, Polish Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of Krakow,  cond. Szymon Kawalla, chor. Bronislawa Wietrzny
McConnell, Philip – Elegy fo Strings – Church of hte Painted Window Orchestra, cond. Joel Lish
Stravinksy, I – Violin Concerto in D: Toccata – Aruthur Grumiaux, Royal Concertgebouw Ochrestra, cond. Ernest Bour