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Playlist 4/27/2011 4-6pm

At some point in the past, someone taped a picture of William Brittelle to a rack in the production studio.  It sort of freaked me out.

soundtrack instrumentals – sleep – music for driving and film vol. 1
Johnston, Ben – String Quartet No. 1: Variation 3 – Kepler Quartet
David Solid Gould vs. Bill Laswell – Next Dub in Jerusalem – Dub of the Passover

Lang, David – I Fought the Law – Sentieri Selvaggi
Com Truise – Encom Part 2 – Tron: Legacy Reconfigured
Tune-Yards – Es-So – whokill

Mountain Goats – Never Quite Free
Naked City – Inside Straight – Naked City
Legendary Pink Dots – Neon Gladiators – The French Collection

The Paul Bailey Ensemble – Cheap Admiration – Alt-Classical
Explosions in the Sky – Postcard from 1952 – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Glass, Philip – Glassworks: Rubric – Signal, cond. Brad Lubman

The Measure [SA] – Revisionist – Don Giovanni Sampler 2011
Upside Down Umbrella – Circus Day – Fantastic and Tangible
Howe Gelb & A Band of Gypsies – (i forget and don’t care, track 2) – Alegrias

Del Tredici, David – Acrostic Song from Final Alice – Dan Goble, Russell Hirshfield
French Horn Rebellion – Up All Night – The Infinite Music of  French Horn Rebellion
Nancarrow, Conlon – Study #2B – Icebreaker

Jonny Greenwood – Mou Sukoshi Jibun no Koto, Kichinto Shitaino – Norwegian Wood
Prefuse 73 – The Only Serenidad – The Only She Chapters
Rosenzweig, Morris – person, place, etc.: Outside Wilson-Carlton Vickers, Glenn Webb

Andriessen, Louis – De Staat – Schoenberg Ensemble, cond. Reinbert de Leeuw

Radio 4/20/2011 Valerie Kuehne and Adrienne Anemone

If you missed, it, here is the interview from yesterday:

Play List 4/13/2011 4-6pm

Collins, Edward Joseph – Arabesque – Arnaud Sussmann, Anna Polonsky
Daft Punk – The Glitch Mob_Derezzed – Tron: Legacy Reconfigured
Bob Dylan – Masters of War – Live at Brandeis 1963
Foetus – O Putrid Sun – Hide

Persichetti, Vincent – Psalm for Band – Illinois State Wind Symphony, cond. Stephen K. Steele
Miles Davis – It’s About That Time – Bitches Brew Live
Valerie Kuehne – The Flight Crew Was Rude –

Jonny Greenwood – Naoko ga Shinda – Norwegian Wood
Wyner, Yehudi – De Novo – Ibis Camerata
The Mountain Goats – Estate Sale Sign – All Eternals Deck

Copland, Aaron – Organ Symphony: Scherzo, Allegro molto – Paul Jacobs, San Fransisco Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas
David Solid Gould vs Bill Laswell – Divine Dub – Dub of the Passover
Thomson, Ken – Rut – Anti-Social Music

Mr. Oizo and Gapard Auge – Sheila – Rubber soundtrack
Paul Bailey Ensemble – Life’s Too Short – Alt-Classical
Mogwai – Death Rays – Hardcore will never die, but you will

de Elias, Nicandro – Monomaquia – Jonathan Golove
arr. Hogan, Moses – He Never Said a Mumbalin’ Word (Crucifixion) – Darryl Taylor
The Jayhawks – Two Angels – Hollywood Town Hall

Playlist 4/6/2011 4-6pm

Bed Music: Pausal’s Lapses

Paul Bailey Ensemble – Principal of Sufficient Irritation – Alt-Classical
Mogwai – Letters to the Metro – Hardcore will never die, but you will

Foetus – Paper Slippers – Hide
Schober, David – Variations – eighth blackbird

Lefkowitz, David S. – The Fashionable Suite – Jeri-Mae G. Satolfi
Devotchka – Bad Luck Heels – 100 Lovers

Boat – King Kong – Dress Like Your Idols
Kill Your Idols – I hate my guts – From Companionship to Competition
Cage, John – Variations IV – John Cage and David Tudor

Vivian Girls – Light In Your Eyes – share the joy
Moe, Eric – Grand Prismatic – Jean Kopperud, Stephen Gosling

Crumb, George – Music for a Summer evening: Nocturnal Sounds – Fuat Kent
Sonic Youth – Au Cafe – Simon Werner A Disparu

Moebius – Am See – Blue Moon
ThingNY – In a Storm – Adddddddd

Collins, Edward Joseph – Clover Leaf Song – Patrice Michaels, Anna Polonsky
The Decemberists – All Arise! – The King Is Dead

Glass, Philip – Music in Similar Motion- Signal Ensemble