Monthly Archives: June 2014

Show 177 6/28/14 2-4pm

Followed Mark Corso this week who was doing is best Ed Wong as Jonathan Schwartz impression. You can hear his folk show Sundays on RSU. The show got a bit political in the in the middle completely by accident. Who knew Frankie was such a peacenik?

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Show 176 2-4pm

Rocky start thanks to the computer losing track of my USB drive a few times. That problem cleared up as someone called into the station to tell me to turn off this piano crap while I was playing the Mozart. He sounded annoyed by Mozart enough that I think I ruined his day.


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Show 175 5/31/14 1-4pm

I came in hour early to help Ed get somewhere on time, and it feels good to be back on the air for the first time in FOREVER. Started off with a long noisy drone track and had three people call in to tell me that the station was off the air. That’ll definitely stand asĀ one of my favorite WRSU moments of all time.

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