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Radio 8/10/13 2-5p

Today we say good bye to the fat sandwich listen to some musical treasures.

Playlist and archive below the fold:

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Radio 8/3/2013 2-5p

Its a new edition of Endless Possibilities! Now!

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Radio 7/27/2013 2-5p

Many apologies if the site isn’t loading for you. I’m not sure if its the wordpress theme or a plugin gone mad, but I’m going to address this in the near future. Until then, since you’ve made it, howabout a playlist?

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Radio 7/6/13 2-5p

Another edition of Endless Possibilities! Playlist and archives (post show) below the fold.

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Radio 6/22/13 2-5p

Radio radio radio! I’ll be playing music from the group Glue Gun Optimism today. They have a gig coming up on Monday. I’ll also be playing music not by them, because its a three hour radio show and that’s a long time.

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Radio 6/15/13 2-5p

Hot Summer Jams All Afternoon.

Playlist/archive below the fold.

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Radio 6/1/13 2-5p with Barry Seroff!

My job is pretty easy today. Barry Seroff brought in his new record “Democracy” and other stuff he likes, so we’re going to talk about that and listen to it. Play list below the fold, as well as archive at some point in the future.

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Radio 5/25/13 2-5p

Hey, its another edition of Endless Possibilities. Now that summer has arrived (don’t use a thermometer to determine this), we’ll have a mostly consistent schedule going forward until the Fall. That doesn’t mean you should expect consistent programming. Consistency is one step removed from blandness, and no one wants that.

Next week Barry Seroff will be on the program talking about his new record. Tune in!

Play list (and archive when its up) below:

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Radio 5/11/13 3:30p-6p

Bringing you an unpredictable assortment of musical amazement starting around 3:30 and going until sometime around 6. Show archives are on pause until techinical difficulties can be resolved, so you’ll just have to IMAGINE the below play list:

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Radio 4/20/13 2-5p

Omega Sound Fix music’ll be played on air, I’ll remind you about Record Store Day, and uh… music. The archive will go up once I fix my audio player plugin problems with wordpress.  Until then you’ll just have to imagine it by reading the below play list:

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