Show 175 5/31/14 1-4pm

I came in hour early to help Ed get somewhere on time, and it feels good to be back on the air for the first time in FOREVER. Started off with a long noisy drone track and had three people call in to tell me that the station was off the air. That’ll definitely stand as one of my favorite WRSU moments of all time.

Hour 1
David First – Zen Guilt/Zen Blame – Privacy Works

Riley, Terry – Be Kind to One Another – Sarah Cahill

Hour 2
Niblock, Phil – Two Lips – Dither Quartet
White, Barbara- Repeat After Me – Sqwonk + Rootstock Percussion
Nils Frahm – For, Peter, Toilet Brushes, More – Spaces

Hour 3
Gordon/Lang/Wolfe – Shelter: The Boy Sleeps – Ensemble Signal
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice – The Art of Noise – Meerenai Shim
Kline, Phil – Exquisite Corpses – Bang on a Can All-Stars

Amy Williams – Cineshape 2 – The JACK Quartet

Olekranon – severed – denaus

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