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Another short break

Hi all-

Podcasts will be continuing, but I need some time to polish off some projects and overhaul my music organizational system. I need to go back through old play lists and figure out what I have played and what I haven’t gotten a chance to play. It might take a while…. I’ve got a few hundred playlists to comb through and a painfully large amount of music in iTunes to sort.

As always, if you want to send music my way or do something interview-like on the show sometime this fall or beyond, hit me up.

Update: OOPS. I have one more podcast in the can that’ll be coming out on Wednesday. So, uh, the hiatus I guess won’t really begin until Thursday.

Ooops… I left the Show 173 audio at the station

I’ll post the archive for this weeks show after I get off the station computer in a few weeks. Sorry!

Podcast live on iTunes

The show is now live on iTunes. Older episodes offer only the first hour because I used to break the show down into multiple files.  I’ll also be on this week from 2-5p. Corey and I will be continuing our slot in the Fall (The station never released its final schedule, but no one has been kicking me off the air, so I’m pretty sure that’s when we’re on). Of course, you can listen into the show at your own leisure if you subscribe to the podcast.


New Site!

I’ve moved all things radio over to this new website in order to keep things tidy. The page will grow slowly, and it will be focused 100% of things related to Endless Possibilities. I’ve also moved the old show play lists from the original page onto this site.

I’m also going to bring back podcasting, but that will take some time to set up due to some home computing issues. Stay tuned for that!