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Radio 7/14/12 2-5pm

Mike Sperone joined me today on the show in the last hour. Unfortunately, when I tried to play a track, the computer clashed, so some of the show archive is lost. (sad face).

Anyway, I hope you can come out to this month’s OTC. It will be this Thursday (7/21) at 9pm at the Grassroots Community Space in Jersey City NJ. See more details at the facebook event. ┬áMike will be performing a variety of new works. For more information you can visit their website or facebook page.

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Radio 7/7/2012 2-5pm

A whole THREE hours of radio as I’ll be covering Corey’s shift before mine. I’ll be spinning some new contemporary, jazz, classical and electronic records. Most likely, I’ll also mix in some old stuff to fill out the three hours. Below the fold is both the archive and play list.

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Radio 6/30/12 4-5pm

Cool off with some WRSU radio this afternoon. [or at your own leisure] Continue reading for the play list and listen to the archive here:


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Radio 6/16/2012 4-5pm

I am getting ready for my radio show at a new Turkish cafe in Clifton, and I think the beautiful string playing in the background music is working its way into my headspace. Will that affect the music I play today? You’ll have to tune in to find out! As always, find it at or locally at 88.7fm. Find the archive and play list below.


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Radio 6/9/2012 4-5pm

Hope you enjoyed the show.


Below the fold is the play list and archive.

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Radio 6/2/2012 4-5pm

A bit of a bizarre mix, but that’s what you came for, right? Play list below the fold.


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Radio 5/26/2012 4-6pm

Music and more music in just a few short hours. Archive and play list below the fold:


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Radio 5/19/2012 4:30-6pm

On both early and late! Music music and more music! Archive:


See the play list below the fold.

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Radio 4/21/2012 4-5pm

I’ll be one the air for a short hour spinning lots of new records. It’s the first time I’m going to be spinning without any guests in a month, so I may have to play two things at once if I’m going to air everything I want to fit into the show. Play list below the fold.


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Radio 4/14/2012 4-5pm

Today will be all about the second edition of New Brunswick’s experimental music festival, the Omega Sound Fix. Joining me in the studio will be festival organizer Michael Durek and performer STRNGLV. They’ll be making some music and talking about the festival, which will be happening on April 20 and 21st at Alfa Art Gallery.


play list below:

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