Playlist 1/13/09 6-8pm

So I’m having some issues finding a good format for the playlist.  I also discovered that my mp3 tags got screwed up so I lost performer/album information for a bunch of recordings, which I’ll try to fix this weekend.

All listings are in the order Piece – Movement – Composer – Performer
Aus den Sieben Tagen – I: Fais voile vers le soleil – Stockhausen, K – Ensemble Musique Vivante / Diego Masson
Vertigo Film Score – I: Prelude and Rooftop – Herrmann, B
Magnificat – Part, A – Elora Festival Singers / Noel Edison
A Musical Offering (BMV 1079) – Bach, J S / Webern, A – Pierre Boulez
The Planets – IV: Jupiter: The Bring of Jollity – Holst, G 
Violin Sonata 1 – III: Allegro – Ives, C 
Five Romances on Words from Krokodil Magazine, Op. 121 – I: Autographic Evidence, II: A Difficult to Fuilfill Desire, III: Discretion,
IV: Irinka and the Shepherd, V: Exaggerated Delight – Shostakovich, D -Kuznetsov, F / Serov, Y
Stereo Music for Serge Modular Prototype – Whitman, K F
Howling at the Moon – Mvmt I – Wilson, D 
String Quartet in F Major – Mvmt I: Allegro Moderato – Ravel, M -Emerson String Quartet
Celestial Excursions – Act I: “Is it Light Yet?” – Ashley, R -Robert Ashley Ensemble
Sequenza IXa for clarinet (1980) – Berio, L – Valdepenas, J

I also said I’d post the lyrics for the Shostakovich song, so here are the lyrics from the 2nd and 3rd movements:

A Difficult to Fulfill Desire

I am a single man, and I need a lot of money.
I cannot find a wife so as not to suffer from lack of money,
therefore I expressly: send me one as soon as possible,
and if there is such one in Moscow
who would provide me with food and drink and not demand money for that,
advise me her address. P L E A S E.


Although the ruffian Fedulov did beat me,
I did not report this to our remarkable police force.
I decided to restrict myself to the thrashing already received.

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