Play list 9/2/09 6-8pm

Van de Vate – Prelude for Organ – Carlyn Morenus
Van de Vate – All Quiet on the Western Front: II:ii Comrade I did not want to kill you – Michael Polscer, Moravian Philharmonic, cond. Toshiyuki Shimada
Bach, JS – Partita 4, gigue – Andras Schiff
Rzewski, F – de profundis – lisa moore
York, B – Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra : 1 – Timothy Buzbee, Iceland Symphony Orchestra

Armoza, S – POR – Timetable Percussion Trio

Balter, M – Live Water – Nadia Sirota
Mozart, W A – Clarinet Quintet, IV – Amadeus Quartet, Gervase De Peyer
Ives, C – Sonata No. 1 for Piano, I – Richard Zimdars
Rivron, D – Number Nine –
Fennelly, B – Emprical Rag – Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Joel Eric Suben
Al-Zand, K – Duet for Harp and Viola, III (dance) – Mollie Marcuson, Abhijit Sengupta

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