Radio 10/20/2012 Musixplore

Today I’m joined by John Korchok, curator of the new series Musixplore, which is dedicated to featuring NJ based experimental musicians. ¬†Below the fold is the play list, and more information about musixplore.


Interview pt 1
Artcrime – The Eye – June 2011
Interview pt 2
Trinitron – Ellipse pt. 1
Interview pt 3
Young and Bally – The Bow – Emperor’s Voicing
Interview pt 4
Monkeyworks – What’s With the Widgets – Wailing Without A Harpoon
Interview pt 5
Artcrime – Broadway Saturday Night


You can check out the Musixplore website and facebook page. The October show is going to be on 10/21 at 1pm and feature the music of Trinitron, Bally and Young, and Artcrime. The November show will include the group Monkeyworks as well as Artcrime and will be on 11/18 at 1pm. Both events will be at the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse (4 Spruce Street, Paterson, NJ).

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