Radio 10/20/2012 Musixplore

Today I’m joined by John Korchok, curator of the new series Musixplore, which is dedicated to featuring NJ based experimental musicians.  Below the fold is the play list, and more information about musixplore.



Interview pt 1
Artcrime – The Eye – June 2011
Interview pt 2
Trinitron – Ellipse pt. 1
Interview pt 3
Young and Bally – The Bow – Emperor’s Voicing
Interview pt 4
Monkeyworks – What’s With the Widgets – Wailing Without A Harpoon
Interview pt 5
Artcrime – Broadway Saturday Night


You can check out the Musixplore website and facebook page. The October show is going to be on 10/21 at 1pm and feature the music of Trinitron, Bally and Young, and Artcrime. The November show will include the group Monkeyworks as well as Artcrime and will be on 11/18 at 1pm. Both events will be at the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse (4 Spruce Street, Paterson, NJ).

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