Radio 4/13/13 3-5p

After the show, I’m heading to Philadelphia to play with Beta Test Music. During the show, I’ll be spinning some music by Dean Drummond, the composer and champion of Harry Partch who recently passed away.

Archive will go up as soon as I fix my website’s audio player plugin. Know a good one? Please share!


Hour 1

Mendelsson/arr Nolck – Songs without words No. 30 – Beth Vanderborgh, Theresa Bogard
Chris T-T – Market Square – Disobedience: Chris T-T Sings A. A. Milne
Jo Stafford – No Other Love – The Master
Enrico Pieranunzi & Paul Motian – Double Act 2 – Flux and change

Charles Bestor – The Unfound Door – The Sound of Time
Syd Dale – Walk in a Nightmare – Spider-Man from the KPM Vaults
Nyman, Michael – String Quartet 2: III – Balanescu Quartet
Jens Lekman – Some Dandruff on Your Shoulder – I Know What Love Isn’t

Passion Pit – Carried Away – Gossamer
Wolfgang Merx – On Land – Ghost Drones
Weekend – Reel Ten – A Tribute to Repo Man

KROTOS – 10 – Click
Orquestra De Tambores De Alagoas – Acao Dinamica Ao Cacador – Far Out Spaced Oddyssey
Leah Kardos – DFACE – Bigo and Twigetti Sampler Record
Pascali – Kissing F-Holes – Suspicious Acitivity

Hour 2

Drummond, Dean – Columbus

Partch, Harry – Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales – Dean Drummond and Jared Soldiviero

Partch, Harry – Castor and Pollux – Newband

Drummond, Dean – Congressional Record – Newband

Partch, Harry – Barstow – Newband



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