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Radio 4/13/13 3-5p

After the show, I’m heading to Philadelphia to play with Beta Test Music. During the show, I’ll be spinning some music by Dean Drummond, the composer and champion of Harry Partch who recently passed away.

Archive will go up as soon as I fix my website’s audio player plugin. Know a good one? Please share!


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Radio 3/3/13 2-5pm

Tune in at or check back here for the archive after the fact:

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Radio 3/16/13 2-5p

Play list below. Archive, later

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Radio 3/2/13 2-4:40pm

Today there’s a pinch less of a normal show, with a basketball pre-game kicking in a little before 5. I’ve got some new records to spin, and I might have some fun with the WRSU toy noisemakers.

Tune in at or check back in later for the play list and show archive.
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Radio 2/23/2013 4-5pm

Some¬†technical¬†difficulties at the beginning which luckily didn’t get recorded…. playlist/archive (afterwards) below the fold.

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Radio 2/9/13 2-5p

Hey folks. No archive for the show today but here’s a play list:


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Radio 1/26/13 2-5p

Three hours of music for your infotainment. Only on WRSU-FM, 88.7 fm locally and worldwide. See the play list below and check back in for the archive after the show.

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Radio 1/19/2013 2-5p

Music! And then more music! and then after that, even more music! Tune it at Play list (and archive after the show) below the fold

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Radio 1/5/13 1:30-5p

Hey all. I’ll be spinning records for the first time in 2013 today following basketball around 1:30. That means you get a whole extra 30 minutes of Endless Possibilities on! Play list below the fold when it gets rolling…


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Radio 12/22/2012 2-5pm

That’s a lot of 2s. It’s also the last Endless Possibilities for 2012, barring a random fill in slot I might take on the week I’m off from work.

Tune in for a complete lack of holiday melodies, gift giving ideas, and year end best of lists! It’ll be a great change of pace from the real world.

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